Strange Coincidences In Your Life. Small Curious Events. Forebodings. Telepathy. Does It Happen To You Too?

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Printed version. English language
Paperback bound book.
Number of pages: 132
Copyright 2016
Author: George Anderson

From the earliest developments of thought, mankind believed that some significant coincidences were signs by which a higher philosophical or divine level sought to inter-dialogue with men. In the last three centuries this had been erased from the new directions of science. Extraordinary coincidences were considered as fruits of chance. Anyone who wanted to interpret extraordinary events as divine signals was mocked. In the same way, premonitions were considered illusions or even signs of imbalance. This, despite many had experienced these extraordinary facts.

Science denied the existence of a psychic dimension with which the human mind could interact. According to the common opinion, the only existing reality was matter. However, in the 1980s, experiments in quantum physics demonstrated the existence of a universe that is not just composed of matter. This universe holds a level in which energy and information do not suffer the limits of space and time typical of classical physics.

This confirms all the intuitions matured in the history of humanity. Among these intuitions the concept of "Soul of the World" enunciated by the Greek philosopher Plato. More recently, the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung has elaborated the theory of the "collective unconscious".

This book avoids investigating excessively specialized topics. The author clearly accompanies the reader in understanding the three levels that form a single reality.

The first level is the physical one, which is part of our daily experience. The second level is the one described by quantum physics, typical of the smallest elementary particles of atoms.

The third is the psychic level called "non-locality". It is the spiritual level, which can not be physically located anywhere.

This path of knowledge refers to recent discoveries recognized by official science. The strange coincidences and phenomena of the mind become important parts of a new and surprising reality.




Ordinary coincidences and significant coincidences

An old photo.

Two facts that are not connected to each other can create a "significant coincidence".

A small statue flying from the window


Collective unconscious and archetypes.

The level of individual consciousness

The individual unconscious

The collective unconscious

An idea as old as man

The archetypes

How synchronicity occurs

Fate or synchronicity?

The incredible story of Sarah Richley. Act I

The incredible story of Sarah Richley. Act  II

Synchronicities are emanations of a universal Mind.

All this is beautiful, but ... where are the tests?

The Enlightenment

The age of the lights and the literary salons

What are the laws of classical physics that cannot be broken?

Collaboration between science and psyche

Quantum entanglement

The theory is scientifically confirmed.

The dimension that goes beyond the matter.

What role do coincidences play in my life?

Deciphering synchronicities.

The three levels of reality

The quantum level and the non-local level

The seventh sense


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