Quantum Entanglement and Synchronicity. Force Fields, Non-Locality, Extrasensory Perception. The Astonishing Properties of Quantum Physics

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Copyright 2017
Author: George Anderson.

For many centuries extrasensory perceptions such as telepathy, premonitions and foresight have been considered fantasies, illusions or fraudulent inventions.

This was the direct consequence of materialistic domination over science and the a priori denial of any reality that could not be verified in the laboratory.

Despite this, we have all had simple experiences such as strange coincidences, presentiments or even readings others' thoughts and intentions. That they were not illusory is proven by the fact that we have often benefited from them in our everyday lives.

Now finally, in recent decades, scientific evidence is emerging of the existence of a higher level of consciousness, a collective mind where ideas and thoughts common to all of humanity dwell: a psychic cosmos from which it is possible to draw and from which we receive signals and information.

In 1980 the quantum entanglement was experimentally confirmed, i. e. the property of elementary particles to communicate with each other without limits of space and time, in a dimension that is not subject to the known laws of physics and can be compared to a universal mind.

The Global Consciousness Project experiments, conducted at Princeton University, have undoubtedly demonstrated the existence of a global consciousness, ready to react emotionally when major events involving humanity occur.

This Project is based on electronic equipment distributed in 41 nations on all continents, able to record the mood of human communities.

On the occasion of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York,  on September 11, 2001, the University of Princeton instruments recorded a very high peak of "anguish" in the global  population feelings: the amazing fact is that the emotional peak was not recorded after, but two hours before the event happened.

This book talks about all the confirmations acquired in the last five decades to the theory of the Anima mundi dear to the Greek philosopher Plato, and then to the intuition of the collective unconscious of the well-known psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung, until the definitive confirmation, coming from eminent scientists and Nobel prizes of what was predicted by quantum physics, that is the existence of a non-local level where particles, even if separated by immense distances, know everything about each other and behave as if they were one.

This book is neither a scientific text nor a philosophical or a para-religious one. The author is a popularizer with years of experience to his credit, able to identify the salient points of even very complex topics, managing to re-elaborate them in order to make them comprehensible to the general public.

The message of this book is that the dividing barrier between matter and psyche is collapsing, indeed, it has already collapsed.

From a universe totally based on matter aggregated by chance, humanity is definitely navigating towards a new way of understanding reality, where matter and psyche coexist and integrate.

While classical physics remains dominant in the world perceived by our senses, new levels of reality are opening up.

At a quantum level, classical physics is no longer valid: matter cannot perform its function on its own, but it needs a psychic dimension, that is, a further level, the level of non-locality. Here the whole universe becomes one, made of energy and information, and is coordinated by a harmony force without which only chaos would exist.

In the most hidden levels of reality matter cannot do without the psyche but, reciprocally, the psyche cannot exist without a matter through which to express itself.

This awareness is accompanying humanity towards a new evolutionary leap, beyond which the materialistic dominance will cease.

There will be an era of collaboration between psyche and matter, in which even phenomena that are now discussed or denied, such as extrasensory perceptions, will become a patrimony of common use in everyday life.



Summary of the book



Part I. Essential Preconditions

  1. The Massacre of Baruhill Street

A Presentiment not Understood

An Opposite Case

  1. How Much Does the Soul Weigh?

More Precise Scales Are Needed

Everything To Be Redone

3 - Normal and Paranormal

British Society for Psychical Research

Still not Enough

4- . The Walls of Jericho Creak

The "Junk DNA"

Brain Cells Regeneration

96% of the Universe Is Missing

Part II. The Soul of the World

  1. The Consciousness That Everything Is One

Plato and the Anima Mundi

The Anima Mundi in Western Thought

The Anima Mundi in Oriental Thought

  1. The Miracolates of the West Side Baptist Church

Part III. Synchronicity

7 - Carl Gustav Jung. Synchronicity and Collective Unconscious

Synchronicity in the Baruhill Street Event

Force Fields and Modified Reality

Synchronicity in the Event of the Choristers Saved from the Explosion

When Reality Is Physically Influenced

  1. Synchronicity As Agent of Transformation of Reality

Physical Transformation. Prayer and Healing

Desire and Intention

  1. Why It Does Not Always Happen

Emotional Involvement

The Theory of Weak Signal

Part IV. Force Fields, Non-Locality and Psychic Cosmos

  1. Matter, Mind and Spirit

The Physical Level of Existence

The Quantum Level

The Non-Local Level

What does this have to do with us?

  1. Force Fields

The Mount of Cursing

Bathing in the Ganges River

Force Fields and Archetypes

  1. Mental Fields

How Do Morphogenetic Fields Work?

Morphogenetic Fields and Morphic Resonance

Morphic Fields

Force Fields in Nature. The Stones

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the Noosphere

  1. Time, Distance, Non-Locality


Part V.  Wonders of Quantum Physics

  1. Synchronicities Occur at the Right Time
  2. A Meeting at the Right Time

Pauli Effect

The Psychophysical Diagram of Pauli and Jung


Where Entanglement Is Born. Elementary Particles.

Unregulated Electrons

Between "Twin" Photons the Quantum Interweaving Is Established, That Is the Entanglement

  1. The Alain Aspect Experiment

The Principle Behind Entanglement

Equivocal Habits of Entangled Photons

  1. The Implications of Entanglement

Entanglement Dismantles Mechanism

Entanglement Dismantles the Arrow of Time

There Is No Space or Time in Non-Locality

Part. VI. Extrasensory Perception

  1. The Sixth and the Seventh Sense


Definition of Extrasensory Perception

Ganzfeld Experiment

  1. Telepathy

Joseph Rhine Experiments

Upton Sinclair Experiments

René Warcollier Experiments

Entanglement and Telepathy

Sensory Coincidences Between Twins

  1. Personal Force Field

Each Creature Interacts with Multiple Fields

And What Happens When the Creature Dies?

  1. Prescience
  2. A Tragic Sea Adventure

A True Story. The Mignonette Shipwreck

  1. Literary Foresight

Futility. The Wreck of the Titan

  1. Presentiments

Dean Radin's Experiments

Disaster Forecasting

  1. Other Types of Prescience

The Feeling of Being Stared At

Evil Eye and Fascination

  1. The Global Consciousness Project

Someone Tried. The Google Profile of Mood States (GPMOS)

Someone Succeeded. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP)

The Twin Towers

The Global Consciousness Project Today

  1. Conclusion. Is This the Right Time?

Timeline of Quantum Mechanics and Entanglement


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