Quantum universe and synchronicity. The anthropic vision. The significant coincidences. The collective unconscious. The role of pandemics in the human evolutionary path.

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Copyright 2020
Author: George Anderson.

Quantum physics proposes, on a scientific basis, the concept of a universe in which each particle is connected with all the others through a bond that surpasses every law of classical physics. In this context, all things converge in a great project of cosmic evolution, the "Unus mundus". Today many well-known scientists subscribe to the "anthropic theory", according to which the universe was not born by chance, but was created exactly with the characteristics it possesses to host intelligent life. The latest scientific discoveries deny materialism and impose a more spiritual vision of the universe in which we live.

The synchronicity theory was developed with rigorous methodologies by the famous psychologist Carl Jung. During a long collaboration Jung obtained the support and encouragement of a valuable fellow student, the physicist Wolfgang Pauli who was a Nobel Prize in 1945.

Synchronicity represents a very valid starting point for investigating the profound reasons for some events that normally appear random. In fact, synchronicities are manifested in the life of each of us through strange coincidences, dreams, intuitions and presentiments, to confirm that nothing comes from chance.

The synchronicities described by Jung are chains of apparently random episodes, which nevertheless contain a "numinous" message. Although the theory of synchronicity is credited to the field of metaphysics, the most current discoveries of quantum physics have demonstrated its scientific plausibility.

Each event, like the series of epidemics that dot the last few decades, leaves the context of randomness and takes on a well-defined meaning in the history of the human species. Probably the theory of synchronicity is the most suitable to answer this question: does the coronavirus represent an event due to chance, or does it contain a significance that needs to be revealed? In the final part this book deals with the numerous cases of epidemics that have developed in recent years (Sars, Mers, Hiv, Ebola, Covid-19 etc.) and places them in the context of a global synchronicity that is guiding humanity towards highest level of complexity and awareness

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