The Universe Is Intelligent. The Soul Exists. Quantum Mysteries, Multiverse, Entanglement, Synchronicity. Beyond Materiality, For a Spiritual Vision of the Cosmos

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Electronic edition. English language.
Number of pages in the printed format: 270. 21 Illustrations
Copyright 2018
Author: George Anderson.

The incredible discoveries of quantum physics are completely upsetting the assumptions of classical science. Today the technique allows amazing achievements. For example, the first quantum computers with almost unlimited computing capabilities are being realized. Some support the real possibility of time travel. In addition to these innovations known to the general public, there are others less known but no less important.  They are the novelties deriving from quantum studies, among which we can mention the "superposition of states" and the "quantum collapse".

The "superposition of states" confirms that the same particle can be found simultaneously in two or more places. The theory of "quantum collapse" confirms that the behavior of matter can be decided simply by observation. These are not assumptions, but principles verified experimentally.

This book does not only deal with these innovations, but gives much space to more advanced theories. These are theories announced but not yet confirmed. Furthermore, the book also evaluates the most risky theories, provided they are scientifically based.

For example, the book talks about the multiverse, or theory of parallel universes, proposed by the physicist Hugh Everett. In the same way the book speaks of non-locality. It is a psychic space totally independent of the laws of classical physics. As a result of non-locality, elementary particles, located at astronomical distances, behave as if they were one.

This book also talks about the latest research by Roger Penrose, an unbelieving physicist, and Stuart Hameroff. According to these two scientists the soul exists and can be identified with quantum fluctuations. These fluctuations have the ability to survive the physical death of the body.

If really the "souls" are condensations of quantum fluctuations, we can formulate a question: will it ever be possible to devise instruments that allow dialogue with these fluctuations?

The book exposes the research of established scientists but without using any mathematical formula. The theories are exposed in a simple and understandable way to everyone. In this way everyone can discover the unsuspected aspects of the reality in which we live.

It is clear that quantum physics is decreeing the end of materialism and the beginning of a new cultural phase, based on the collaboration between spirit and matter.






Living in the shell of a walnut

What does Hamlet have with Stephen Hawking?

An author who represents his time.

Tycho Brahe and the supernova N1572

Astronomical disputes

The Ptolemaic system

The Copernican revolution

Tycho Brahe and the tonic model

Thomas Digges and the heliocentric model

“De l’infinito, universo e mondi”

Giordano Bruno, the philosopher of the infinite

Giordano Bruno and his idea of infinity

Ethics issues

The problems of an infinite universe

Infinity in a finite space

A premonitory dream

The mandala

Jung and the Mandalas

The cosmic egg

The cosmic egg and current physics

The meeting between Jung and Pauli

The psychic diagram of Pauli and Jung

Let's talk more about Mandala

The infinite in the finite

Thought is a "finite" that contains the infinite

Cosmic Thought

The multiverse theory

The theory of the multiverse

Quantum physics is the mother of the multiverse

First phase. A slit

Second phase. Two slits

Third phase. The role of the observer

How many types of multiverse exist?

The multiverse landscape

The quantum multiverse

The simulated multiverse

The ultimate multiverse

The  brane multiverse

Aesthetics of science

Intelligence at the center of the universe

The role of the observer

A scientific nemesis

Amazing coincidences

The anthropic principle

Birth and evolution of the anthropic principle

Is man really at the center of the universe?

Intelligence cooperation

Creatio ab nihilo

What evidence do we have on the intelligence of the "Cosmic Matrix"?

But does the universe made of matter really exist?

Non locality, entanglement

Einstein and the locality

Is causality the basis of all things?

Quantum entanglement

Everything is one in the non-local dimension

The soul exists

The aggregation of matter

The matter aggregates into coherent and finalized forms

Every aggregation comes from a project

Quantum atmospheres

What makes us conscious?

Quantum physics and the soul

Collapse of quantum waves

Neurons as qubits

Angels, demons and souls of the dead

Collective unconscious and archetypes

The strange coincidences

Take the challenge

Meditation and prayer

Appendix 1. Hamlet


The plot of the tragedy




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