Coronavirus Covid-19. Defend Yourself. Avoid Contagion. Protect Your Home, Your Family, Your Work. Updated Fourth Edition

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Printed version. English language
Paperback bound book.
Number of pages: 130
Illustrated with 30 freely reproducible mini-posters.
Copyright 2020
Author: Bruno Del Medico

In January 2020, China declared the presence of a new contagious and potentially deadly coronavirus. After a month, the epidemic has already taken on exceptional dimensions. There are over a thousand deaths. The outbreak has spread to over fifty countries outside of China. Only the knowledge of the danger can help to overcome it, therefore there is a great need for clear information.

Often, however, we receive fragmented information, seasoned with technical terminologies or distorted by the disinformers who infest the web.

This book was written to be understood. The author is an expert communicator in the field of scientific subjects.He clearly presents a large amount of advice and recommendations, first of all those suggested by the major international authorities including the WHO (World Health Organization) and the ECDC (European Center for Disease Pre-vention and Control).

These precautions and recommendations can be applied at home, in the workplace or on the go. They allow you to protect yourself and others in every situation.

The book clearly answers many doubts. These include the recognition of symptoms, the usefulness of the face mask, the use of antibiotics, relationships with food, goods and pets.

The book contains a comprehensive discussion on coronavirus. In addition, the book explains how this infection originated, and how it developed from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

A chapter is dedicated to all the delays of the Chinese government and to all the conspiracy interpretations that accompany the birth of this epidemic. In the final part of the book, the author comments on the future development of this infection, which could become a global pandemic. In addition to causing tens of thousands of deaths, this coronavirus could generate economic depression with unimaginable outcomes.


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