Tsunami Coronavirus. When Will We Go Back to Normal?

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Printed version. English language
Paperback bound book.
Number of pages: 154
Illustrated with 30 freely reproducible mini-posters.
Copyright 2020
Author: Bruno Del Medico

On January 27, the European Center for Disease Control defined the risk that Covid-19 could reach Europe as "moderate". Today, two months later, the virus has practically invaded all continents.

In the new edition this book has been heavily updated, but the initial premise remains valid. There is a big need for information. Only the knowledge of a danger can help to overcome it. Often, however, information reaches us fragmented, full of incomprehensible technical terminologies or distorted by the disinformers who infest the web. Discrepancies in opinions among scientists increase confusion.

This book was written to be understood. The author is an expert communicator in scientific subjects. He clearly presents a great deal of advice and recommendations relating to prevention along the lines of the WHO and ECDC. Furthermore, the book clarifies many controversial aspects such as the possibility of contagion from objects, and the possibility of infecting or being infected by pets.

Considering the spread of the virus, the book proposes new topics of great relevance. When will this pandemic end? But above all, "after" what will happen? What will be the consequences in terms of social relationships? What will the economic consequences be?

There is one question that includes all the others. When will we go back to normal? There is only one possible answer. We will never go back to normal. When the tsunami has passed, nothing will be as before. We are experiencing the prelude to a new social organization.


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